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December 2022: FTF Athlete Spotlight - Kelly Cote Clark

Well, FTF FitFam we're a little slow on our write up this month (sorry!). This month we're turning the spotlight onto none other than Kelly Cote Clark. Kelly is all that is good. She is hard-working, kind, motivated, out-going, encouraging and dedicated. In all honesty, that list could go on and on. Need a cheerleader to encourage and motivate you? She's your girl. Need someone to hop in and be your partner? She's there. Need someone to push you a little harder? There's Kelly. Fail a lift and you're bummed out about it? She'll cheer you up and remind you of all you've accomplished. She's one of the best people to have in your corner.

Kelly is a self employed business owner and Maine native. She has a successful salon that she runs with her sister right here in town. If you're ever in the need of some self care or beautifying stop over at Magnolia's and see her. She is always down for an adventure and loves to spend her free time with her husband, son and friends. Kelly's circle is large and for good reason. She's got one of the kindest and biggest hearts. If you are fortunate enough to call Kelly a friend, you're a lucky person.

We are ever so thankful you are a part of our FitFam! Congrats to you, Kelly, on being chosen for the December FTF Athlete Spotlight.

Cheering you on always.

- Your FTF Coaches

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1 comentario

15 dic 2022

Nice job Kelly well deserved.

Me gusta
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