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January 2023: FTF Athlete Spotlight - Kristie St Pierre

We are starting the year off with one of the most tenacious members that we have - Kristie St Pierre. Kristie shows up every day with a smile and a willingness to jump in and tackle any workout head on. She's patient, kind, loving, hilarious and always has words of encouragement for those around her. Kristie is a fantastic teammate and will power through partner WODs and keep you motivated, even when you feel like quitting.

Kristie loves purple, probably as much as she loves her childhood love and husband, Jason. She's a mama of 2 boys and works at one of the local schools. Want to talk about someone with a big heart and wicked sense of humor? Kristie has these things in spades. She's always up for a paddleboard adventure with friends and will always lend an ear if you need it. She's an actual gem and if you are lucky enough to be in her group of friends, you've done something right. She's a keeper and an amazing person to have in your corner.

We are ever so thankful you are a part of our FitFam! Congrats to you, Kristie, on being chosen for the January FTF Athlete Spotlight.

Cheering you on always.

- Your FTF Coaches

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