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October 2022: FTF Athlete Spotlight - Adam Toussaint

If you want to see someone who is hard working and dedicated look to Adam

Toussaint. He comes to the 5:30 class and is the first one to encourage others. He is sure to be consistent in his movements and with his fitness background is happy to help other members if they are struggling.

Adam is self-employed and is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He has years of MMA training (fun fact - he was Coach Shawn's first MMA trainer) and he used to train right here in the Midtown Mall in Sanford. Need someone to partner with for a CrossFit competition? Adam is your man. He is always happy and eager to participate in competitive events. Adam loves to spend time with his two kids and can also be found participating in various sports leagues, most recently spending time playing Softball.

Adam, we are thankful you are a part of our FitFam! Congrats to you, Adam, on being chosen for the October FTF Athlete Spotlight.

Cheering you on always.

- Your FTF Coaches

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