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Intro to Functional Fitness

Everyone has to start somewhere. Welcome to somewhere. Receive individual instruction focused on your physical history, any restrictions, injuries and your goals, to create a baseline with an FTF coach. FTF coaches are more than trainers, they care. You will be successful here because they are mentors, friends and a part of your team.


Functional Fitness Group Class

Our Functional Fitness group classes have custom daily programming. With a coach who is actively engaged and provides personal modifications to keep you safe as you build your skills and attain your goals. Athletes will be guided through a slow warm up, mobility, a strength piece and a timed workout. All equipment is provided and all skill levels are included in this class.


Open Gym

In Open Gym sessions there is always an  experienced coach on duty for any questions or assistance you need. All equipment and space is available for athletes to use. All open gym sessions are attended and monitored by one of our coaches. While they are available to help keep an eye on form and to help meet your goals, they do refrain from leading any formal instruction during this time. Open Gym sessions are recommended for experienced and/or independent athletes who prefer to have a more quiet and autonomous workout.

Calorie Count

Nutrition Coaching

FTF Nutrition Coaching offers one on one coaching with our Precision Nutrition Certified coach. This includes custom macros tailored to your personal goals. Weekly discussions (virtual or in-person) focusing on your successes, troubleshooting and general questions/answers. Weekly Check-ins through our nutrition app. Our coach is available through the app 24/7. Our coach will work with you personally to help you reach your goals whether that is fat loss, muscle gain or simply renewing your relationship with food. We want to help you learn how to eat toward achieving your nutrition goals. We focus on sustainable and health changes that can be maintained for a lifetime. No yoyo or fad diets here, we believe in balancing wholesome food to properly fuel your body and soul.

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